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I wish to thank you for reaching out to me and our firm as I am the BEST friend you will have if and when you are arrested in Las Vegas.  Program your phone with Blondie at 702-388-9100 as you or a friend WILL need me at some point of your life.  Whether you have been arrested, obtained annoying traffic ticket, need to find a friend in city or county jail or need a bail bond, call me.  We do "bail by phone", accept all major credit cards and even have collateral bail bond with approved credit! 



Amanda Doyle, aka Blondie,  started a few years ago helping others when other bail companies began treating clients like convicts.  You will get the respect you deserve when dealing with Blondie and her team of professionals.  After you work with Blondie, you will never choose another bail bondsman again.  

Bail Bond

We share what a warrant is and the urgency to take care of NOW. Call Amanda today to get your friend or loved one taken care of.  We are here to help!

Did you receive a traffic ticket?  Need to Pay your ticket? Click Ticket to search for your ticket. We can help pay your ticket. Call Blondie at 702-388-9100.

The Grand Daddy of issues.  Open to sharing the urgency and to call Amanda NOW at 702-388-9100 as time is of the essence.

Record Search
Bail By Phone

We share what a Violation is what it will lead to and how to get a jump on it NOW.

Empower yourself and search to see if you have a warrant, citation or simply need to pay the ticket online. Search 

Has someone been arrested and needs your help?  Call 702-388-9100 now and we can arrange payment immediately by phone by accepting major credit cards and even collateral OAC.


When arrested, do not waste time. Call Amanda at 702-388-9100 immediately.

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